Retirement Living: What Are Your Options?

As you go down the road of life, there are many changes that occur. You start living with your parents, move out on your own, buy a house, have children, children move out, and grow older. While those are not the only changes that occur in life, they are changes that commonly happen. With each change, you must decide how to move forward and embrace the new life you are now living.

Growing older is one of the major changes that occurs in life. As this happens, it is not always easy to admit or move forward, but really there is no other choice. With the increase in age also comes many needs and along with that, it is important to consider the retirement living options. Read on to learn more about what is available for the changes that occur with age.

Healthy, active seniors who can live on their own enjoy independent living communities, sometimes called senior living communities. They are made up of rental units or sometimes cooperatives of houses, townhouses, condos, mobile homes, and sometimes even motor homes. There amenities such as gyms, housekeeping, security, and clubhouses. We are from the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon and in our area we recommend Hawthorne Gardens

Assisted living is another choice for those who grow older. This is a good choice for many seniors and there are many options for this living arrangement. Facilities are usually private, such as apartments, and in a centralized location. Typically a retired person will move here when they need minor assistance in their daily life. Whether they need help with their personal care or medication supervision, this is a helpful option for many. Assisted living facilities offer regular activities, meals, and minor medical care. Some of these places even have special units for those who have memory conditions.

Memory care is an option for those who have been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimers disease. A memory care facility is basically just like it sounds, a place with trained professionals who can help those with memory issues and conditions. The facility is for those who are starting to lose, or have lost their memory. They offer the necessary treatments and services to help their patients have the best quality of life. Services such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, and other treatments that help with memory and basic daily tasks are offered. Patients here require various amounts of care and the proper amount is given as needed to help with as much independence as possible.

One of the last options for those growing older is hospice. This is generally the last step for those with chronic illnesses. Patients here are kept comfortable through their end of life care. Most people that move to hospice don’t stay long.

In conclusion, as you grow older, there are many different living arrangements available. Depending on your ability to care for yourself, you or your family members can choose the best available choice. Having the proper care and living in a retirement community that is welcoming can help your life be more fulfilling.

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